Distribution of leeches

BIO-GEN sells hirudo medicinalis, hirudo orientalis and hirudo verbana entirely safe, as the animals are cultivated under laboratory conditions, sterile, and with the special nourishment regime.

The leeches sold are cultivated according to the strict regulatory recquirements.

Currently, lots of inappropriate offers can be noticed on the Polish market. The leeches are being sold by people and small companies without any regulations and with no certificates or permits. It is necessary to remember that only synthetically bred leeches are appropriate for medical use. The animals should be purchased from the legal and safe source. Consumer can always demand an information about licenses and sales permissions.

Conditions of sale (dodatkowo, jako warunki, w jakich odbywa się dystrybucja)

Our leeches are distributed in special conditions. They are packed in tightly closed ziploc bags, filled with medium – hydrogel; water beads or bars. The outer bag is labelled with BIOGEN logo. Ziploc bags are put into the carton and covered with styrofoam chips (polystyrene foam peanuts) to prevent damage and to protect animals from too high or too low temperature.

Right after getting the leeches, customer should put them into the glass hermetic feeding pot (already prepared) filled with non – chlorinated, overboiled cold water (1 liter per 15 – 20 leeches), mineral still water or distilled water (distilled water should be salted with sea salt; 0,3 – 0,5 g per 1 liter). To purify water, customer can also purchase Hirudomedium – water treatment product. Water needs to be changed once or twice a week, but in case of the microbiological contamination, leeches must be flushed with pure water every 2-3 days. Animals should not be exposed to heat (optimal temperature is 8 – 15 Celsius degrees). For the first order, instructions are enclosed, setting out maintenance and destruction method.

Make an order:

  • send an e-mail: biogen@bio-gen.pl,
  • contact us (customer service is here to help from 8 am to 16 o’clock): (77) 44 55 903, (77) 44 55 904, (77) 41 00 420, 691 865 249,


  • use a postal service – the address: BIO-GEN sp. z o. o., ul. 1 Maja 26, 46-100 Namysłów.

We send the leeches Monday to Wednesday.

Hirudo medicinalis sales are only available after phone or e-mail contact. Because of the new regulations of The Ministry of Environment, proper permits are required to order hirudo medicinalis.

Contact us for further information about therapists who have attended our training course and have got the certificate. Those are therapists who use only synthetically bred leeches from our laboratory.

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