• Eating spicy food or drinking alcohol 24 h before having the leeches applied is not recommended;
  • A person, who is going to have a leech applied, should avoid using deodorants, fragrants and other scented cosmetics at least 24 – 48 h before the application;
  • Patient should drink a lot of water before the procedurę;
  • Feeling of pain, burning or itching can occur in first 10 – 15 minutes of the treatment, but it eases after some time.


  • Usually, the wound area is likely to be reddened, swollen, stinging or itchy – never scratch it! Use some palliatives instead – Fenistil, aloe vera gelly or apple cider vinegar solution should help;
  • In case of the allergic reaction, Calcium C, Zyrtec, Allertec may ease the symptoms;
  • For disinfection, Octenisept (spray) would be best;
  • There’s no need to remove and change the bandage until the next day;
  • The patient shouldn’t carry heavy things for a few days after the therapy;
  • The patient may feel sleepy and weakened for some time;
  • Caution! Never put the vinegar or sodium compress onto the swelling!

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