Symbiosis of a man and leach called hirudotherapy

BIO-GEN Biofarm is proud of cooperation with the most famous hirudotherapists in Europe. Definitely, one of them is Sambo Danh Sang, nurse who connects medical knowledge with hirudotherapy experience. He calls leeches ,,gift from God”.

Recently, we had opportunity to meet with Sambo, who is our long-time customer. We got information about his unique therapies using leeches. That caused that we wanted to meet him face to face and ask some questions. You can find some of them below and for others we have to wait to International Hirudotherapy Conference, which we are going to organise next year.

What was you first experience connected with leeches?

It was in 1975, this year was dramatic period in my life. I had to leave my own country, where there was a war connected with Red Khmers. I was walking for 700 km from Cambodia to Thailand. I was exhausted, I had fever, I couldn’t walk, I was in pain. I was worry that I won’t be able to get to the destination. Suddenly, I met rice field, it was huge, I couldn’t go around that field, but I decided to cross it. When I left water I noticed leech on my leg. I got scared and I threw her off. After few steps I realized that pain and fever were gone and I felt well.

Do you think that leech helped you?

I wouldn’t believe in that before. I ned to experience that on myself. Yes, she helped me and what’s more she helped me very fast. Normally, I would have to spend few weeks in the hospital with painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs or maybe even antibiotics. When I realized what helped me to recover, I promised myself to learn about hirudotherapy and show people how they can help themselves in natural way.

You are unique hirudotherapist, you treat many diseases by leeches.

I connect medical knowledge with hirudotherapy experience. When patient calls to me, I meet with him to talk face to face, to know his medical history, if I can I watch his findings and I make decision if I can use hirudotherapy. I’m scared that people without medical knowledge or without hirudotherapy course put leeches, this is very risky.

Do you think hirudotherapy should be considered like a form of therapy in medicine?

Yes, this is very good form of therapy for many diseases. Good hirudotherapy session can recover patient in natural and safe way. It’s important to care about hygienic conditions of leeches and to use leeches from proven farms, that includes risk of infection.

Can you tell us more about your experience in hirudotherapy?

Yes, I could talk about leeches for hours. I had a lot of patients for who leeches were helpful. I also treat myself with leeches. I had hundred of leeches, different kind of leeches on my body. I believe that all sessions helped me to clean all my circulatory system and it caused that I feel much younger. I want to give that opportunity to my patients. I believe that long-time hirudotherapy causes many positive changes in our bodies. I would even say that leeches are our future for medicine.

What do you mean?
As we know viruses or bacteria mutate very fast and this process is response for better drugs. The better drugs we product, the faster mutation of pathogens are to keep in our organism. I think we will lead to such mutations which we won’t be able to cover by drugs. Then we will  focus on the immunological processes of our bodies preparing them to fight with pathogens, and leeches can help us with that. Using them can help us to improve immunity and to fight with many diseases. Leeches also help to improve our well-being, compounds which leeches release into our skin calm us down. Compounds help leech to drink our blood, but the effect lasts for long time. Many of my patients say that treatment helps them to relax, regenerates nerves, calms them down and at the same time gives them power.

Do you run documentary of your hirudotherapy sessions?

Yes, I have detailed information about changes along hirudotherapy treatment. I think this is very important and I’m open to share with that knowledge. I want hirudotherapy to be one of the most famous form of therapy, because I believe in effects. I’m glad that I can take part in International Hirudotherapy Conference in Poland organized by Bio-Gen and talk to other hirudotherapist to share experience.

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