After the procedure

The leech bite will bleed (with no clotting) for about 6 – 12 hours. It is not a good sign, if the wound bleeds profusely and longer than 12 hours. This may mean problems with blood clotting, so the morphology should be checked and the break between sessions must be prolonged. If the bleeding doesn’t stop after 24 hours, we can suspect that the patient suffers from purpura, which is a contraindication for the leech therapy.

The bandage must be made neatly and carefully; the wound should be disinfected (Octenisept or Tribactic is recommended), covered with the sterile gauze – then a thick layer of blood absorbtive gauze or bandages onto it to make a dressing. If the bandage is soaking after a few hours, the surface layer ought to be changed. Usually, the wound area is likely to be itchy – never scratch it! Use some palliatives instead – Fenistil, aloe vera gelly or apple cider vinegar solution should help.

There’s no need to remove the bandage until the next day, or to scrub and touch the wound site. The skin can be washed with pure tepid water. The patient shouldn’t carry heavy things for a few days after the therapy.


Well–made dressing will be sufficient for a few hours.

The redness and heat around the leech bite may be an allergic reaction rather than the symptom of bacterial infection.

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